Thursday, 26 November 2015


     My Reflection
I am good at ratios. I am at stage 6 with ratios. My next step is to do bigger ratios because I am still learning to use at bigger numbers.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tale

Narrative Writing Planner:6

Fairy Tale:The Three Little Wolves  and the Big  Bad Pig

Characters:The  three little wolves and their  mother family and also the big bad pig
1 wolf was small-good
2 wolf was big-good
3 wolf was HUGE!!!-good
The big bad pig that comes of the sun

Orientation:Once upon a time lived three little wolves and their  mother said “I can’t live with you because there are too many of you”.  When they met the big bad pig who blew their  house down

Setting: in the countryside,

Problems:blowing down the three houses
no money

Solution: the big bad pig became big good pig
they get a job

Conclusion:The three little wolves lived happily ever after.

Three Little Wolves  and the big  bad pig

Once upon a time  there lived three little wolves and their mother.  Once their mother said you have to live alone.  So the three  little wolves walked all the from paris  to New Zealand. The small wolf made a house out of straw. That night  the big bad pig came and said “let me in little one” but wolf said “not by mum mummy mum mum”. So the big bad got out a bomb  and he put the bomb outside the house so it blew up.  The next wolf got sticks  and his house out   of sticks but that night the wolf did the same as the first  house. The  3th little wolf built his house out of  rock but when the big bad pig came this the wolf threw the bomb on the pig who died.  So the three little wolves lived happily ever after, till tanks took over   

My Reflection
The easy part was the framework because I had an idea of what to do it about.
The hard was the body of the real story because it was going to do in the body.

Monday, 16 November 2015

swimming sharks

I need to get better at kicking harder.  I good at my arms.

Week 6 term 4

Me meeting Reuben
 On Sunday I went to Lucy's show,but when we were there Reuben and his family parked next to us.  So after that I went to the school playground and  played with some people already on the playground. But then  Reuben came  so me and Reuben played tag till his family went to wait in the line to get in. Not long after that daddy and me went to wait in line so we could get our seats and sit down. Reuben was at the front the same time we were  (but we got in first).  We picked a spot with one seat  left  at the end.When Reuben did get in he sat next to me.  It was the first show and I read a book because the people in font of me were too tall.  But as for Reuben he got an awesome view of the stage. So I  was reading till my sister was on stage.They danced to a song called Do You Love Me?  After Lucy's show I went back to reading until Reuben's sister came on.  The only other show that I watched was the dad's dance. Most of the dad's were dressed as swans from Swan Lake. Then at the end they all did a posse. Overall my favourite one was my sister's dance. I thought when there were prizes  Lucy would get one  because she didn't give up and guess what, it was it was a trophy!!Then we all left   
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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Language Features in Fairy Tales

                   My Reflection 
The  easy one was the adverbs the author had being using lots of adverb. The hard part was the simile.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5 fireworks

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On Saturday I went to my friend's house  to do the fireworks. We were  the second family at there house we played with the creeks we plays tag till dinner then we played go home stay home after dinner in till  pudding time.  Then watched the fireworks there were lots of small ones but loud ones.  The first one I liked was the one with fireworks that looked like rocket they also go high into the sky and then make a loud noise.  Then we had a one that looks like candle it had a hard blast after the first one had came out of the firework it fell, over then the next one hit the box then the firework. After that  hit the fence then the powerful blast hit where l was sitting when it happen again this time I run to the top of the deck with all  my friends but it still could get us, from the fence I could feel the power and hot firework whizzed past me and my friends.  When it was all over we all checked if we were all ok and we was

Fractured Fairy tale (The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig)

My Reflection
The easy part was thinking of a title  because  I switched the characters around. The hard part was the orientation because I don't know what to write. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Determining Credibilty

My   Reflection
The easy part was  writing the part about the sideshow.  The hard part was the very end when you had to write what you had learnt.

Narrative Framework

My  Reflection
The easy part  putting the story into order because I knew the story well.  The hard part was writing the problems because had to think hard.  

Monday, 2 November 2015

Week 4 term 4 (All Blacks won!!!)

Image result for rugby cup 2015
On  the weekend   I woke up at 5.00am to watch the game my mum and dad had all ready  got up and turned on the tv  the game had two mins till the game started.  When it did start the Wallabies got a yellow card so the All Blacks got a penalty kick which is three points.  Next thing you know the All  Blacks  got a penalty so the Wallabies got a penalty kick (three all) 20 mins into the game and the All Blacks are leading 21-14.  Oh  no the Wallabies are only four points biend   but in the end the All Blacks had 34 and the Wallabies had 17. What a win!!!
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