Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Reader's Response

I think  it was good because it's true in a way.The story could be a lesson because if you lie, you could die or get in big trouble. This poem reminds me of when my friend said he was going home but then he spied on me and my friends instead.  I asked why were you spying on us? His response was to run away. I was shocked he would do that to me  because lid known  him for 3 years. This poem also remind me of the story of the Witches cause  they lied to the children so they could gain their trust and then take them away from their families and get rid of them.


I was learning to write a reader's response I found  this work hard because I can't spell very well and I didn't  know to write. One thing I could do better in is to expand my  ideas a  bit  further.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Spelling rule 1c - words that end in 'o' - Plurals

I was learning about words that end in 'o'-plurals. I found this work easy because all you have to do was to add a 's'.