Friday, 23 May 2014

Making a Connection

I am learning to make a venn  diagram to show I can compare characters. I have learned how to find words that compare the characters It was easy so I  will help my group.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Making a Plan Before I write

I am learning to make a plan before I write.

my mum and dad away
LAN Ecuador
File:Sad face.gif
I saw them  go in a plane to Wellington.
At  the big  airport before mummy and daddy left me and Lucy watched mummy and daddy go. We got ready to go to Nana and Poppas .  Me and Lucy sadly said ''We don't want you to go''.  But I enjoyed  packing up .  We saw them go on a plane to Wellington.  Bye,bye mum and dad!  They kissed us ''good bye'' and me and Lucy wanted to cry.  Mum and dad took their luggage into the big airport.  They were gone for three days.

I made a plan first to help me think of a story. It was easy because I know what I was going to write.     I use the ideas in my story.  It worked well so I am going to do again.