Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Folk of the Faraway Tree

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Making Connections - Charlotte's Web

I was learning about comparing Charlotte to my sister Lucy.  I found it easy because I have done a Venn Diagram before.  I think it helps because then I can easily just compare it.  My next step is to fill up the whole of the circles.

Term1 Week 8 100 word challenge

Suddenly I saw a little bump then got bigger and bigger and finally it was a volcano.  I   wanted to climb it. 
 words                                            30                                                                                        45            
When I thought I had got to the top I looked up and I felt like I could climb to the clouds so I went up.  As
                  50               52                                      57                      60                                                     
 soon as I touched the   clouds they turned to cloud men.  They didn't like me so they picked me up and threw 
                                                                                                         80                                            87      
me up and down then up finally  they dropped me.  They had dropped me on the other side of the volcano.  
 Now I get home.  I had to run away from the volcano.